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PCHC Capitol Hill

40 Candace Street
Providence, Rhode Island, 02908

Health Center Director: Patricia Terceira RN, CCM

Family Medicine
Internal Medicine
Family Planning
Integrated Behavioral Health

Hello, My name is Patricia Terceira. I am the Health Center Director for PCHC’s Capitol Hill Clinic on Candace Street in Providence.

I have been with PCHC since 2018, first serving as an Assistant Health Center Director and in 2019 as Health Center Director for Capitol Hill clinic.

I grew up in Portugal and 29 years ago I moved to Rhode Island — a state that has many charms and tight-knit communities. I decided on a career in healthcare because I knew the impact it could have on positive changes in people’s lives and wellbeing. I am a registered nurse; but most of my career has been in the management aspect of healthcare.

We have 9 providers at Capitol Hill including a licensed social worker and a community health advocate who collaborate with each of our care teams to support our patients’ behavioral health needs.

My team includes my Front Desk Supervisor, Assistant Health Center Director, Senior Medical Assistant, nine Nurses, twelve Medical Assistants and one family planner. Together we make it our job to support our providers and care teams to make sure things run smoothly so that they can focus on taking care of patients.

We have a diverse patient population who come from all over the world and reside in the Providence area. They speak several different languages including Spanish, Portuguese and Laotian. PCHC Capitol Hill is situated in the historic Smith Hill neighborhood. It is one of the most historic parts of Providence and became the home to a robust diverse immigrant population.

PCHC has become a second family to me. Especially during this time, I am proud to support our care teams and our patients. I look forward to having you visit PCHC Capitol Hill in the near future.

Patricia Terceira
Health Center Director
PCHC Capitol Hill


The team from PCHC Capitol Hill takes some time to connect, show their spirit, destress and have fun during the pandemic.